Projet de shell interactif minimaliste pour l'UV LP25
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fish : Fabulously Irrespectuous SHell

fish is a student project, aiming to be a basic interactive shell for linux.


fish is really an IRRESPECTUOUS shell. Now that you’re warned…


fish reads from standard input and send you the result of every command on standard output ( unless you redirect I/O ). Aside of that, fish also implements various features :

  • Internal commands : change of directory, exiting, help.
  • External commands : fish will execute any command you ask, provided he can find those in his PATH variable.
  • Insults : fish will yell at you whenever you make a mistake to make sure you never fail again.
  • Configuration file : .fishrc file for easy configuration ( path, prompt.. ).
  • Globbing : fish implements a globbing feature, handling characters such as *, ? and ( soon ) ~.
  • Operators : fish comes with some operators support : && and ||.
  • I/O redirections : coming soon ( TM )

everything without a single memory leak ! ( if you find one tell us )


fish is licensed under the GPLv3 license.

About us

We’re 3 students in CS, and this was one of our project.

  • Klmp200/Sli : Works for google in another dimension.
  • Aethor/Bro : Not even a saint in the church of Emacs.
  • Ame : The silent game master.