Sierpinski fractales demo for sarl language
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MVC pattern

This application follows a MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern for the GUI communication.

MVC pattern applied on this project

Sierpinski's fractals demo

This demo is about Sierpinski's fractals. Those are 3 triangles inside a triangle.

Agents organization in the fractal demo

To create this demo, only one agent was required. The idea is to create a main agent and then create 3 other agents in the inner context of the main agent. Then the main agent becomes an event broadcaster and so on and so forth for each fractals newly created.

agent Fractal {

	on Initialize {
		if (occurrence.parameters.size >= 2){
			// If initialized with arguments

			screenSurface = occurrence.parameters.get(0) as Square
			positions = occurrence.parameters.get(1) as Positions

			if (occurrence.parameters.size.equals(3)){
				// If initialized by the GUI
				var ctrl = occurrence.parameters.get(2) as FXMLViewerController
				guiSpace =  defaultContext.createSpace(
					OpenEventSpaceSpecification, UUID.randomUUID)
		} else {
			// If initialized without argument
			screenSurface = new Square
			positions = new Positions
		screenWidth = screenSurface.width



Application with the GUI