Projet d'ascenseurs intelligents multi threads pour l'UV LO41
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// Created by Antoine Bartuccio on 06/06/2018.
#include <string.h>
#include "Resident.h"
GETTER(Resident, char *, name);
GETTER(Resident, int, id);
GETTER(Resident, int, apartment_floor);
void _free__Resident(THIS(Resident)){
if (this->name != NULL)
Resident *_init_Resident(int id, char* name, int apartment_floor, int destination){
/* If the destination is the same as the apartment_floor or negative, the resident will not move */
Resident * new_resident = malloc_or_die(sizeof(Resident));
new_resident->name = strdup(name);
new_resident->id = id;
new_resident->apartment_floor = apartment_floor;
new_resident->position = new_resident->apartment_floor;
new_resident->destination = destination;
LINK_ALL(Resident, new_resident,
return new_resident;