Projet d'ascenseurs intelligents multi threads pour l'UV LO41
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// Created by Antoine Bartuccio on 06/06/2018.
#include <pthread.h>
#include "../Objects.h"
#include "../Building/Building.h"
#include "../ElevatorBreaker/ElevatorBreaker.h"
typedef struct o_SharedData {
PRIVATE int threads_nb;
PRIVATE int active_passengers;
PRIVATE ElevatorBreaker * elevator_breaker;
PRIVATE pthread_t ** threads;
PRIVATE Building * main_building;
PRIVATE pthread_mutex_t mutex_active_passengers;
PRIVATE pthread_mutex_t mutex_threads;
PRIVATE void (*start_thread)(_THIS(SharedData), void * (*thread)(void *), void * data, int thread_number);
PUBLIC void (*wait_all_threads)(_THIS(SharedData));
PUBLIC void (*start_all_threads)(_THIS(SharedData));
PUBLIC void (*set_main_building)(_THIS(SharedData), Building * building);
PUBLIC Building * (*get_main_building)(_THIS(SharedData));
PUBLIC int (*call_elevator)(_THIS(SharedData), int starting_floor, int destination_floor);
PUBLIC int (*use_call_box)(_THIS(SharedData), char * resident_name);
SYNCHRONIZE PUBLIC void (*decrement_active_passengers)(_THIS(SharedData));
SYNCHRONIZE PUBLIC int (*is_active_passengers_left)(_THIS(SharedData));
SYNCHRONIZE PUBLIC void (*unregister_thread)(_THIS(SharedData), int thread_number);
} SharedData;
SharedData *_get_instance_SharedData();
#endif //LO41_SHAREDDATA_H